Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold

Available exclusively for Netflix members on Android and iOS. Dreamloop provided co-development services for Chimera Entertainment’s Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold.

Shape the fate of the Grishaverse. Travel war-torn Ravka and choose which powers prevail in this interactive adventure based on the fantasy series.

You determine the choices of the iconic heroes of “Shadow and Bone” in this interactive RPG featuring original adventures based on the Netflix series and bestselling books. Explore the world as Alina, Jesper, Sturmhond and General Kirigan as you discover previously untold stories set between Seasons 1 and 2 of the hit Netflix show. Encounter familiar faces, new villains, hard choices and dramatic twists in this narrative RPG that puts the player in charge as the story unfolds.


• Play four new fantasy adventures as the iconic heroes of “Shadow and Bone,” Alina, Sturmhond and Jesper, as well as the villain General Kirigan.

• Explore new and familiar locations in the Grishaverse: cross the dangerous Shadow Fold that isolates East Ravka, sail the seas in Sturmhond’s ship and visit Ketterdam with the Crows.

• Embark on quests to save captured Grisha, free old friends, topple corrupt officials or, in Jesper’s case, just steal a bunch of cool stuff.

• Choose how each character responds in conversations that shape the fate of the story.

• Level up your heroes’ Charm, Strength, Intelligence and Perception to unlock more story choices and ways to interact with the world.

• Play minigames to survive ambushes, sneak into strongholds, escape pursuers and cast Grisha spells to advance the story.

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