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Dreamloop Games is a growing independent game development studio, born in the long days of the Finnish summer of 2014. (We say long because they’re not particularly warm, but we take what we can get!)


What began with a few friends having an idea for a new tactical turn-based fantasy game very quickly grew to a team of many talented and creative people working hard on Dreamloop’s first game project: Challengers of Khalea.


In March of 2016, Dreamloop Games merged with Vasara Entertainment, creators of Stardust Galaxy Warriors, to further fuel the meteoric rise of Finnish PC and console games. The two studios would go on under one banner, with one name, and one goal: create the most amazing tactical roleplaying games, and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.


Our passionate team now marches forward with more fire power, and more star power than ever before, and one way or another, we’re taking over the world.


Our office is located in the heart of Tampere, but part of our international team is scattered all over Finland (and the world). Our team is made up of passionate gamers, who believe in their artistic medium and are dedicated to creating the best games they can for the fans, and themselves.


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