07 Jul Stardust Galaxy Warriors is heading to the Nintendo Switch

We are super excited to announce that we will be bringing Stardust Galaxy Warriors to the Nintendo Switch with the help of Aksys Games!

We have been dreaming of bringing our beloved SGW action to the Nintendo Switch for a while now. We believe the gameplay suits the platform perfectly and the family friendly nature of SGW is a nice addition to the library of games on the Nintendo Switch. However, we could not have done the porting on our own due to the small size of our team and our limited resources. We approached Aksys Games in the hopes that we would find a publishing partner that would be as excited as we are about having SGW on the Nintendo Switch. We were extremely pleased to hear that Aksys Games was just that.

Now, as mentioned before, we are a small studio and we have limited resources. Due to this, the upcoming DLC release for SGW will be postponed as the development of the Nintendo Switch version will take priority. However, this does not mean that we will be neglecting other platforms: Any and all optimizations done for the Nintendo Switch version will also be included as free patches for other platforms.

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