28 May Strike Update OST – Download For Free!

We released the “Strike Update” last month and one feature we added was the boss theme music. People seemed to love the new songs and asked us where to get them. Well, since the boss music was added to the game for free, why not release the music for everyone to enjoy? For free, of course. So here you go. Please download and enjoy the sweet, sweet tunes by our very own, cheese-loving composer, Matias Lehtoranta.

To download the songs, click yourself to the download page.

The songs included in the “Strike Update OST” are:

  1. Stellar Climax ~ SGW SC Trailer Theme
  2. Gearsplitter EX ~ Generic Boss Theme
  3. Sea Attacker ~ Marine Boss Theme
  4. Insects ~ Organic Boss Theme
  5. Rise of The Machines ~ Mechanical Boss Theme


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