26 Apr Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax – The “Strike Patch”


We announced a patch for Stardust Galaxy Warriors in our 2nd year anniversary stream last year and now it is finally here!

We have made bunch of changes and slight adjustments to the game, starting with the main menu. When you launch SGW, you will be greeted by the new main menu. The different game modes can now be found under the “Play” button. In-game, there have been many small tweaks to the gameplay. For example, you can now enable “auto-melee” from the options menu that allows you to hold the melee-button to slash continuously.

Beyond just tweaks and bug fixes, we have added some completely new content, such as new sound- and visual effects, music and even a new game mode! The new audiovisual effects were added to make some enemy behaviors clearer and to generally add some extra punch to the attacks. The boss fights are getting spiced up with new boss music! The new music has been composed by non-other than Matias Lehtoranta, the composer of the original game’s soundtrack! The new game mode – Strike – is a variant on the ‘Gauntlet’ mode, featuring the endlessly scaling enemy waves of the Gauntlet, but implementing the shop from the Campaign between every 3 stages. The Strike mode also features its own trophies/achievements for all of you achievement hunters!

Below is a list of the changes and additions the patch introduces.


Patch notes (26.4.2018):


  • Separated game mode selection to a ‘Play’ menu from main menu.
  • New ‘Strike’ game mode: similar to ‘Gauntlet’ but with added store and different enemy progression.
  • Trophies/Achievements for ‘Strike’ game mode.
  • Removed ‘Gauntlet Store’ option from custom option presets.
  • New Boss music themes by Matias Lehtoranta!
  • New enemies for Gauntlet and Strike modes.
  • Streamlined ‘Gauntlet’ experience now with (at least) 100% more action!
  • Enemy bullets and enemies themselves are destroyed when a boss dies.
  • Silver Wolf distortion can now be used when the distortion bar is half full, and costs half a bar. Damage and cooldown have been adjusted as well.
  • Added an option for automatic melee slashes when the melee button is held.
  • More audiovisual effects and polish.
  • Improved performance in general.
  • Misc small fixes and improvements.


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