13 Apr Dreamloop Game Jam: Play The Thug Life Demo Now!


A little while back, we had a problem. Sales for our game Stardust Galaxy Warriors weren’t doing as well as we’d like, while our next project (Challengers of Khalea) wouldn’t be near completion for at least a year. Money was tight. This isn’t a new concept to most indie developers, but it can be a daunting prospect when you have a team of 12 that need to get paid. It is, in fact, the single most common reason studios close their doors…

So we started brainstorming about how we might solve the issue! We realized that this problem (as with all of life’s problems) could be fixed by making and playing a game. Probably. Okay, that probably won’t solve most problems, but hey, we develop games… so when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail!

The Game Jam

We decided to hold a game jam at our office. One week away from developing Challengers of Khalea to give everyone a break, and allow them to explore ideas they had wanted to prototype. The team loved the idea.

We split the team into two subteams, and assigned each team a design lead. Team Essi, and Team Kimmo set off to make some games! The first day was more or less dedicated to dreaming up a fun idea. Which apparently they didn’t do, as neither of them made the rocket ship game I suggested… ?

Phase 2 was the actual development of the projects. This was exciting for the team, as they got to try new methods and tools, and unwind from the high-pressure grind of building a big project.

After a fervent week of hard work and rapid prototyping, Phase 3 began. Phase 3 consisted of a complex process for evaluation of product potential for… alright… here’s the deal… we played the games and drank some beer. It was awesome. ?


Kimmo and Atso – Hard at Work

Thug Life

Thug Life (developed by the fine lads of Kimmo’s team) was the more polished option, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. The mechanics are pretty simple, but rewarding – a multiplayer King of The Hill game for up to 4 players. You’re a Thug – hired muscle in the underground world of crime. You’ve found yourself in a rooftop tussle with other thugs. Your goal is to use punches, rushes, and bombs to push, shove, or blow your opponent off the rooftop to become the last remaining thug – the epitome of tough!

Play The Game!

We liked Thug Life a lot, and we got really good feedback from the Reddit community when we posted a short video. This helped us decide that this is actually a game we should develop further, polish, and maybe even release as a fun party game. But before we dedicate tons of time to fleshing out this experience, we decided to get a little feedback from you! Not just on the concept or the idea – no way. We want you to play it with your friends. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas, see videos of your reactions, or even Let’s Plays of the resulting PvP insanity!

So here’s a download link to the simple game jam version we made! Share it around, give it a play, and let us know what you think! (Be advised: clicking the link below will immediately start downloading a Zip file from our server.)


You can send feedback to us however you see fit. You can email Steve (at) Dreamloop dot net. You can send us a carrier pigeon. You can tweet at @DreamloopGames or @ThatDarnSteve. If you want send us snail mail. Or (insane, I know) you could post a comment here, on YouTube, or on our Facebook page! If you find it necessary, we’ll even accept a message in a bottle… We’re not picky about how you let us know what you think. We simply appreciate the hell out of any feedback you have to offer, and hope you have fun playing Thug Life!

Much love,

Steve Stewart

Co-Founder/Head of Communications

Dreamloop Games


About The Author:

Steve Stewart is the Co-Founder and Head of Communications at Dreamloop Games. Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Steve is a proud U.S. Navy veteran, and a joke-telling, whiskey drinking, son of a gun, hell-bent on surviving the zombie apocalypse and making good games. Science fiction, planetary science, robots, video games, and craft beer keep his gears turning when he steps away from the office.

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