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06 Jun Challengers of Khalea Game Mechanic Breakdown – Match Situation

Challengers of Khalea’s core gameplay is focused on tactical, turn-based arena matches, that you prepare your team for in management mode by hiring warriors and equipping them with the necessary abilities and equipment. The match mode has multiple different strategic features to enrich the gameplay experience and each brings something exciting to the tactical RPG genre, i.e. class and weapon system, ability system with instant and continuous effects, and of course the Match Situation, as the title says. The match situation is a mechanic that is supposed to indicate to whose favor the match is leaning. The match situation is simple three stage meter with winning, losing and even stages. What we wish to bring with match situation meter is new style of tactical element to a turn-based tactical rpg. The match situation firstly affects what strategies the team’s coach carries out, but it will also limit certain abilities and tactics.

Match Situation Meter

The match situation meter is affected by few different things. The first is the HP difference of the teams. When your warriors take damage you are heading towards wrong end of the match situation, as it starts to be likely that they can’t take much more beating before falling unconscious. Dealing damage to the opponent will of course have the same effect on their match situation. When your opponent is in the winning stage, you’re in the losing and vice versa. Even stage is held by the both teams simultaneously. If you wish to have the match situation domination as your strategy, look for warriors with high HP. These overarching strategic element really bring something special to Challengers of Khalea as a tactical rpg.

Challengers of Khalea Tactical RPG

Match Situation’s Effect on Tactics

Secondly the HP value of the warriors are not equal. More experienced and stronger warriors are considered more important to match situation than the less trained warriors. Namely the warrior’s HP is multiplied by their Overall value (average level of the warrior’s attributes and skills), this way the “better” warriors have more significance to the match situation meter. So it would be a good tactical choice to deal damage to your opponent’s best warriors first, as it shifts the meter faster to your favor. Beating the weak is not as effective tactic, unless… Well, we won’t get into that for now. 😉

The overall attributes of the warriors is not the only significant element. The situation shifts greatly every time the other team has more warriors capable of fighting. The match is much easier the more you have turns to attack your opponent. So reducing your opponent’s ranks by KOing their warriors will move the meter significantly to your favor, and give you a strategic advantage that many tactical rpg titles don’t offer.

The match situation meter is vital part of Challengers of Khalea’s tactical gameplay and we think that it can open a lot of new strategies in every player’s hands.


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