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11 May How I Made Friends on Twitter with the #GameDev Hashtag

Getting on Twitter

A while ago, our Co-Founder and CMO Steve encouraged me to join Twitter. I was a little hesitant at first as I had never really been on there before (for some reason Twitter isn’t that popular in Finland) but I decided to give it a try anyway.

What do I say?!

What would I actually tweet about? At first I had a little bit of a writer’s block – or should I say, tweeter’s block? – either way, I had a block. But then I just started tweeting and sharing and following people. People started following me back, and soon I discovered other game developers around the world had been conversing for a long time. They weren’t just talking about their projects, either. They were discussing the game industry in general, and so much more. Hmm… Had I been missing the party?

How do I show progress with code…?

Once I got the tweets rollin’ I wanted to tweet about the progress under the hood – the code. When developing, it’s not always simple to show the progress (for example, when you are refactoring some feature) to someone who isn’t perhaps a coder. “At least artists have something to show, they’re the ones drawing and modelling things all day!”, I thought.


Just share it.

But to be able to actually play the game, you obviously need the game mechanics in place. I realised that progress in code can be equally interesting, especially if it’s explained with screenshots or videos of the gameplay. And even if there isn’t anything in particular for you to show you can still celebrate the small victories, or share what you have learned today – and of course, give feedback to any other interesting projects you happen upon when surfing through various game development related hashtags.

Making #GameDev Friends

The best thing about being on Twitter so far has definitely been getting connected to fellow game devs. They know how much hard (and sometimes maybe even gruesome) work goes into making a game. When I think about how much work Challengers of Khalea actually is, I know it’s the same for everyone. Only the scale is different. You definitely need a little bit of peer support every now and then.


Get out there and say “Hi!”

We’re in the same boat so let’s keep supporting each other. Finish a feature? Get an idea? Need an opinion? Hear a funny joke at the office? Let’s hear it! Use hashtags like “#GameDev” and “#IndieDev” to let developers (and some gamers!) who are listening catch a glimpse of what your life is like, what challenges you face, and what hurdles you’ve overcome! Interacting on Twitter with fellow game devs enriches the community, and can be really rewarding.


About The Author:

Essi Suurkuukka is Senior Programmer at Dreamloop Games. Essi has a Bachelor’s degree in IT, and she enjoys solving problems and learning new things. She enjoys her coffee rushes both on free-time & at work. K-Pop, puppies, nature and movies make her happy!

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